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Thranduil hissed on his ear.. Thranduil x Reader: Chapter 43 (Special) Over the passing months, you and Thranduil found a way for you and your child to become immortal. "The ritual is complete (Y/n). You," Thranduil says as he caressed your swollen belly, "and our child are now immortal." You smiled up at him, "Le athae aran nin.".
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Thranduil was the king of the whole realm and his father, he was the strongest elf Legolas had ever known. He was not supposed to get hurt! The oak tree did not understand why the wood elf sitting high in its branches was so upset, and was doing its best to comfort the sad elf.

Thranduil Oropherion. Originally posted by cat1212. Drabbles. Reincarnation. Reader meets King Thranduil who is awestruck by her likeness to his deceased wife. One-shots. Comfort Thranduil comforting a grieving Legolas = fluff. Originally posted by spockemon. Thranduil x reader.Request Anon. Summary: Y/n finds herself falling asleep after watching all the Lord of.
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  • Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Legolas Funny Legolas And Thranduil Tauriel Orlando Bloom Legolas Lotr Cast # thranduil # thranduil x reader # thranduil x you #the hobbit #the hobbit imagine #the hobbit fanfiction #my work I have 2 stories to upload which are in my laptop and my WiFi is dead for almost a week Legolas x reader - When he comforts you A
  • Chapter 4: Punishment and Hope. The instant they stepped outside the young prince felt a thrill of joy pierce him, despite all the sorrow and pain in his heart. Lifting his face towards the sun he had so long missed, Legolas sighed softly and actually smiled. The gentle scents of the blooming garden filled his lungs and the sweet song that ...
  • Summary: "THAT'S ENOUGH," Thranduil yelled in the crowded room. His voice immediately stopped the arguing between the angry people. You quietly sat next to Thranduil , keeping your eyes on the plate before you. "Everyone out," he demanded. People from the table started to disburse out into the halls, until it left just you and him.
  • Characters: Thranduil x Reader Words: 342 Warnings: Fluff Request: “Hi would you do a fluffy 49 Thranduil x reader ? Have a nice day (-:” 49: “Well, this is awkward ” A/N: Sorry for the lateness!!! Life’s gotten in the way. Once the woodland prince got all laughter out of his system, he cleared his throat and looked at you earnestly, "You needn't worry for me, [Y/N].
  • Forgive me, I was too blind ." Thranduil said with a mixture of panic and sadness in his voice as he looked at you. "I already did, my love. I've already put those things behind because I love you very much." You said as you met his eyes for the first time. "I can't forgive myself, Y/N." He told you and you realised that he was crying.